nine-letter word

...for awesome, that is

1 July
I am a musician. It's pretty awesome.

I am a pianist, singer & vocalist (yes, both, for those of you who percieve the difference), accompanist, arranger, composer, transcriber (transcribist?), trumpet player (sometimes), and teacher (rarely). You could say that music is my life, and you would not be lying. I work for Berklee College of Music as a staff accompanist in the voice department, and I am the assistant music director of both a jazz worship service at Old South Church in Boston, and a non-traditional worship service called OpenSpirit in Framingham, Massachusetts. I like my jobs. They are pretty sweet.

I currently live in Boston. I live in the neighborhood of Allston, also known as "the college ghetto" or "Allston Rock City" or "Allston Village" depending on who you talk to. I ride a bicycle as my main mode of transportation. I pretend to be hardcore about it, but I actually think the bike hispter movement is pretty silly, and fixies, though definitely sexy-looking, are dangerous and impractical. For what it is worth, I ride a Trek 1220.

I am originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, also known as "The Texas of the North". I have no sympathy for New Englanders who think they know what "cold" means.

I show all my emotions on my face and in my body language and in my tonal inflections. It is very easy for you to tell what I am thinking that way. I try to hide it, but I usually fail. It is all right, though. I would like to think I am a generally good-natured person!